October 22nd-26th, 2018  

Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration held each year to raise awareness about the problems created by drug abuse.   It all started more than 20 years ago to honor DEA agent - U.S. Marine Enrique “Kiki” Camarena and his informant who were slain by drug traffickers.  They had been working in Mexico to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the United States.   Here in California, there was an immediate outpouring of support from Kiki’s hometown community of the Imperial Valley.  And, the following year, in 1986, they organized the first Red Ribbon Week to commemorate his death.  The red ribbon represents the pledge: “no use of illegal drugs and no illegal use of legal drugs.” The first national campaign took place two years later in 1988.   And, each year since - to honor Officer Camarena’s vision for drug free communities - millions of Americans wear red ribbons or wristbands to show their commitment to substance abuse prevention and the promotion of safe, healthy lifestyles.

Elementary aged school kids don’t necessarily know much - if anything - about drugs, drug use or abuse.  Nor do we want to bombard them with things too sophisticated.  So, at Arroyo, we take this as an opportunity to reinforce and highlight the importance of making good choices for healthy bodies.  We have a red-themed week with different dress up days to show your spirit.  Thanks for helping us celebrate by having your kid(s) take part in our Red Ribbon Week....

Schedule of Events and Activities

Monday, October 22nd “Proud to Make Healthy Choices” - Wear Red to kick off Red Ribbon Week! Eat a red apple or any red fruit or vegetable today!

Tuesday, October 23rd “Don’t get Tied up with Bad Choices” - Wear tie dye shirt or any tie dye accessories (hair band, socks, scarf)! Tell someone about some healthy choices you made today (drinking plenty of water, washing your hands before eating, reading a book, etc.)

Wednesday, October 24th “Team up against Bad Choices” - Wear your favorite sports team jersey or shirt! Do a few stretches or jumping jacks!

Thursday, October 25th “Lei Off Bad Choices” - Wear Hawaiian clothes. Put a lei around your neck! Take a moment and take 10 deep breaths today!

Friday, October 26th “Arroyo has Spirit” - Let’s do the Arroyo-a-thon!” Wear your Arroyo-a-thon T-shirts and do your favorite Arroyo-a-thon event (t-shirts will be handed out the day of)!