How to Request Reimbursement/Check From PTA 

To Cover Budgeted Expenditures 2018/19 School Year

  1. Ascertain if expense request is within budget.  If expense exceeds your budget line item, only the amount up to the budget will be paid and you will need to present remaining amount to PTA Executive Board for payment of any overages.  If unsure about budget, check with PTA Treasurer.

  2. Fill out Arroyo PTA Check Request Form, noting the following:

    1. You must obtain your Committee Chair signature for approval.  

    2. All requests should have supporting documentation in the form of receipts, invoice, etc. preferably taped on 8.5x11 paper for ease of review and not losing odd-shaped receipts.

    3. Make sure receipts add up to the total amount being requested.

  3. Submit to PTA Treasurer inbox in the office for payment processing.  PTA President and Secretary also signs your Check Request Form therefore expect 10 business days for processing.  Checks will be ratified at next PTA general meeting.

  4. Expenses for tangible property will be tracked more closely this year. Remind your Committee members to return promptly Arroyo PTA property to the PTA Trailer within 3 business days of usage.