Fifth Grade Finale

This Thursday Practice is Mandatory!

Our Last Thursday Practice begins at 7:30am and we have a lot to do so please be on time! (If your child is sick, please contact us)

Friday Rehearsal for 5th grade finale is 6:15pm

They do not need to be in formal attire for rehearsal. This call time is for finale only- individual/group acts have a different call time

If you have not yet paid your $15 participation fee, please turn in it to your teacher! Note: Only one fee is required. If you are in an individual or group act as well as the 5th grade finale, you only need to pay the fee once.

 Saturday Variety Show

Call time is 5:30 at Calvary Chapel. If you are not participating in another act, please come dressed in your finale attire. If you are in another act, bring your finale clothing and change after your individual act, then sit in the 5th grade section.

Finale attire: Black, white or gray semi-formal wear


The Fifth Grade Finale is a memorable performance celebrating the graduating 5th grade class that takes place at the Variety Show in March. See below for the latest information.

For more information or if you'd like to help, please contact:

Kirstie Johnasen:

Melinda Kavanagh: