Arroyo’s 5th Annual
Summer 2017 Reading Challenge


** 100 Places Checklist must be printed on 11x17  ledger-size paper, which can be done at a copy center. Note that there are two files to create a 2-sided log. Hard copies can also be picked up at the school office through Friday, 6/23. **

In September, summer reading evidence will be collected. If the evidence meets the requirements, students will receive a ticket to our annual Summer Reading Party.

Arroyo’s Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) has been a great success for the last four years. Last year, our summer readers read a total of 235,625 pages, far exceeding the 1000 pages per student minimum! This year, we’re challenging students to “Read! Read! Here, There, & Everywhere”! Students are still being asked to read a minimum of 1000 pages, which amounts to about 15-20 pages of reading per day and is consistent with what research shows is required to avoid summer reading loss (which is a decline in
reading development that occurs when children don’t read over the summer). The twist this year is that we are asking kids to “read everywhere” as well — specifically, kids must also read in at least 10 different locations to qualify for the summer reading party in the Fall. We hope this encourages kids to take books with them this summer, whether it be in their own backyard, in the car around town, on a summer adventure, or on travels to faraway lands!

Instructions for Completing the Reading Log

In the SRC packet that was sent home with your child, there is a blue over-sized “100 Places Checklist” of 100 places where reading might occur (you’ll see that a few items are not “places” per se). The places are organized into six categories: In My House, Outside, Around Town, On Summer Adventures, Traveling, and With A… For each book read, students must select a place from the checklist where they read it and write down both the title of the book and the number of pages in the book. Each book title should be written down by one place only (with # of pages in the entire book), even if it was read in multiple places. The categories are simply for organizational purposes — reading does not have to happen in all of the categories! Only one of the 100 Places Checklist should be completed per child. Also in the SRC packet is an Extra Log Sheet, which students can use to write down titles and pages of
additional books read — so if a student reads ten books “in a sleeping bag”, then one of those should be noted on the blue checklist, and the other nine books should be recorded on the extra log sheet. Also, the extra log sheet can be used to record books that are read in a place that is not on the blue checklist (please note these places with a star on the extra log sheet). The intent is to document ALL pages read and ALL places, so please use the extra log sheet and make additional copies of it as needed. At the end of the summer, add up the total number of pages as indicated on the 100 Places Checklist and the Extra Log Sheet(s), and write down the total on the appropriate line on the blue checklist. Also count up the total number of different places read as indicated by the checks in the boxes on the checklist, and write this number on the appropriate line as well. 

Keep In Mind...

When helping your child choose books, remember that texts of ALL kinds “count”, including chapter books, picture books, wordless picture books, audio books, e-books, comic books, poetry, and magazines. Also, reading aloud is exceptionally beneficial for kids of all abilities and grades, and it “counts” in tallies of summer reading. So, even if your child is not a competent or avid reader, this challenge should be doable! A child who is not yet reading could successfully complete this challenge with the help of a parent/adult who reads aloud 15-20 minutes a day!!

Taking and Sharing Photos

Please share photos of your kids reading everywhere this summer, especially in places outside your home! If you share on social media, use the hashtag #ArroyoSRC2017. Or, email your photos to and put ArroyoSRC in the subject line. Photos will be compiled and used as part of our celebration in the Fall.

Turning in Your Summer Reading Evidence

1. The blue 100 Places Checklist must be fully filled out by all participating students, including student name, 2017-2018 grade and teacher, total # of pages read, total # of different places read, and the specific information for each book read (place, book title # pages). Evidence will not be considered if any information is missing! Please also attach all Extra Log Sheets if they were needed.

2. Student and parent signatures indicate that the evidence is a legitimate reflection of the child’s reading this summer and that both parent and student believe it meets the criteria for a ticket to the Summer Reading Celebration to be held in Fall 2017.

3. Please DO NOT submit evidence unless it meets the minimum requirements — at least 1000 pages and 10 different places!

As most Arroyo parents know, encouraging our kids to read over the summer is one of the most significant ways parents can promote our kids’ reading achievement, overall academic achievement, and their development into lifelong readers and learners. Children who do not read in the summer lose 2-3 months of reading growth, compared to children who do read and tend to gain about a month or more of reading proficiency. This difference creates a 3-4 month gap every year, which results in a long-term cumulative gap of several years or more and affects academic achievement in middle and high school. As you head into summer, try to help your child disconnect “reading” from “schoolwork”, especially if they are strongly linked in your family. Emphasize the many bigger-than-school reasons to read, such as for pleasure, to relax, to learn, and to connect to worlds beyond your own. Help your child make reading a
regular part of their summer by setting up the expectation to read, by making time for reading, by packing books when you go on short and long excursions, and by reading aloud together and talking about what you read. Lead by example, and show your child from the start of summer that reading is a regular and enjoyable part of daily (not just school) life!

How many PAGES and PLACES can you read?! Let’s see if we can surpass last summer’s total and read more than a combined 235,625 pages, while reading EVERYWHERE at the same time! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!!!

Please contact Ali Posner at if you have questions.