PTA Office Space

Office Space2.png

Principal Sheyka has generously offered a space for valuable PTA work. The space is located directly behind the teacher mailboxes. Prior to occupying this space it’s important we all clearly understand the agreement for use.

In the interest of smoothly accommodating everyone involved and with the understanding that school staff require a level of privacy and availability of space, supplies and equipment our Executive Board feels the following agreement is reasonable. 

The PTA office is available after 8:30. There is so much going on in the morning that in that small space with late students, parents doing school business and teachers. I'd like to afford students, parents and staff the luxury of space and quiet during drop off. This only applies to PTA business, of course.

The office space is closed during lunch recess. We need to keep all machines and space available to teachers doing work during this time. There is a privacy issue here as well. 

Children are limited to the PTA Space. The main reason here is safety with the laminator and the paper cutter. The other reason is privacy and space again. 

This room is a quiet workspace. Any fabrication or storage of large items be limited in time or other arrangements made. Ideally, this space is for desk work.

Supplies. It’simportant for teams to think through and prepare their materials ahead of time, and that the materials utilized are purchased by them and reimbursed by PTA if appropriate. Also, all laminating needs to be done by office staff. Parents/visitors may not laminate. 

Also, please keep in mind that we will do our very best to ensure that space is free and available to PTA at all times. That said, our reality is that sometimes we are so tight in space that spilling into that room cannot be helped.