Library Lunch Bunch

Arroyo's Library Lunch Bunch, hosted by the Library Committee, is a wonderful lunch time enrichment for 1st-5th graders looking to connect over literature, poetry, and art. Club meetings are held at lunch recess on one Friday each month, with students having the option to attend as many meetings as they choose.

For more information or if you'd like to help, please contact: 

Ali Posner:

Brown Bag Book Club (BBBC)

At BBBC, students enjoy popcorn and discussion about a pre-selected picture book. Books are often award-winning selections with rich content and themes that inspire thoughtful discussion across grade levels. 

Ali Posner:


Poetry Club

The Poetry Club aims to nurture an appreciation for poetry, inspire self-expression and creativity, and provides opportunities for students to connect through poetry. Students will write, read and respond to a variety of poetry.

Adriene Madden:

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Read2Art encourages artistic engagement with literature by connecting art, reading, creativity and critical thinking.

Alexis Beaudreau: