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Arroyo’s Library Committee is looking forward to offering Brown Bag Book Club again this year -- an optional opportunity for 1st - 5th graders to collaborate and connect over literature outside of classroom time. Club meetings will occur at lunch recess on one Friday each month throughout the year. Students may decide to attend one, several, or every club meeting. The enclosed calendar shows the dates and books of each one, so please share this with your child if he/she is interested in attending any of the meetings.

This is how Brown Bag Book Club works: Brown bag “tickets” will be available to students in the library at least two weeks before each meeting. If students think they want to attend, they must take a ticket, read or listen to the featured book, respond to the open-ended questions/prompts on the bag, and show up at the beginning of their lunch recess (recess part, not the lunch part) with their completed ticket in hand. At the club meeting, students enjoy popcorn as they share their responses.

This year, we are adding more variety in text type and featuring two chapter books for the first time. So, our featured books include 2 picture books that tell fictional stories, one picture book biography, two books that celebrate poetry, and two chapter books. All picture books are titles that contain rich enough content and themes to inspire good discussion among lower- and upper-grade student, so parents, please encourage even your 4th and 5th graders to participate if they are interested. The chapter books were also selected to be appropriate for all students in grades 1- 5 — they both make terrific read alouds for lower-grade students and can be read independently or as a read aloud for upper grade students.

Students who want to participate will need their parents’ help to make sure they have access to the featured books. Some of the picture books may be read aloud in the library or by classroom teachers. They are also available for purchase on Amazon of borrowing from a public library (our school library will have a couple copies of each title). For titles where there is a good quality online read-aloud, a link will be provided in the Arroyo Blast. Students who want to participate in the two chapter book club meetings (December 7, April 26) will need to get a copy of the book to read on their own. All of these books are wonderful enough to purchase for a home library!

Students participation in Brown Bag Book Club will be tracked for the year, and the “regulars” will be invited to the BBBC End-of-Year VIP Popsicle Party.

Remember, admission into club meetings will require students to have a completed ticket with them at the door.

I am looking forward to another great year of fun lunchtime literature discussions with your kids!


Alison Posner, Ph.D. Ali Posner:

Brown Bag Book Club (BBBC)

At BBBC, students enjoy popcorn and discussion about a pre-selected picture book. Books are often award-winning selections with rich content and themes that inspire thoughtful discussion across grade levels. 

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Poetry Club

The Poetry Club aims to nurture an appreciation for poetry, inspire self-expression and creativity, and provides opportunities for students to connect through poetry. Students will write, read and respond to a variety of poetry.

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Read2Art encourages artistic engagement with literature by connecting art, reading, creativity and critical thinking.

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