APL = Advanced Primary Learner (kinder-1st grade)

GATE = Gifted and Talented Education (grades 2 through 8)

The APL and GATE programs enable identified students to receive differentiated instruction that meets their diverse needs. GATE/APL students are encouraged to apply deeper-level, critical thinking and extend their learning through challenging, out-of-the-box study and projects. 

Screening and Identification Timeline

October: Parents may request for their child to be tested by filling out a form available through their child's teacher.

November: GATE testing occurs at each school site during the regular school day.

November - January: Informal APL screening during class at each of the elementary school sites.

Early Spring: Notifications of test results are mailed home. 

Arroyo GATE Resources

Lead GATE Teacher:

Kathy Castillo: 

GATE Parent Representative:

Aileen Townsend:

Common GATE Characteristics:

• Ask many questions and be very curious
• Easily get "off task" and "off topic"
• Possess a large amount of information
• Be impatient when not called on in class
• Have a good memory
• Learn new information quickly
• Become easily bored
• Retain information easily
• Become disruptive in class
• Master reading skills earlier
•  Avoid repetitive/rote activities (e.g. worksheets)
• Demonstrate strong abilities in math memorisation
• Display unusual academic achievement
• Complete work quickly ( but often sloppily )
• Be interested in a wide variety of things
• Resist investigation of activities apart from areas of personal interest
• Become involved in a variety of activities  
• Be motivated to try new things
• Leave projects unfinished
• Enjoy a challenge
• Takes on too much and becomes overwhelmed
• Think independently
• Challenge authority
• Express unique and original opinions
• Not handle criticism well (but really who does?)
• Be self-motivated
• Not work well in groups
• Use higher level thinking skills
• Tend to be absent-minded regarding practical details
• Forget homework assignments
• Make connections other students don't see
• Consider unusual approaches to problem-solving
• Possess a strong sense of justice
• Be very critical of self and others
• Like to debate current issues and real life problems
• Like to argue a point
• Be a perfectionist and expect others to be perfect as well
• Posses a sophisticated sense of humour
• Easily get carried away with a joke
• Understand subtle humour
• Have a tendency to become the "class clown" 
• Enjoy plays on words and satire
• Demonstrate strong expressive skills
• Be sensitive to feelings of others
• Demonstrate skill in drama/art/music/language
• Be perceived as a "know-it-all" by peers
• Elaborate on ideas
• Be viewed as "bossy" by peers in group situations

Source: Teaching Is A Gift