Arroyo Students Read Everywhere this Summer!

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Contributed by Alison Posner

On Friday October 22nd, Arroyo celebrated our 142 amazing summer readers for the 309,696 pages they read! In the morning, students were acknowledged at Friday Flag with trophy-quality medals, and then they attended a special celebration at lunchtime with Principal Sheyka and Maggie Villegas!! Students ate pizza, watched a slideshow showing off them “reading everywhere”, and then played “We Read Everywhere” bingo (to match the theme of this year’s challenge) with many reading-related prizes (e.g., beautiful picture books, gifts cards to bookstores, book-themed puzzles and games, reading lights, word games). Special recognition and prizes were given to the 26 students who read three times the minimum number of pages (3,000 pages or more) as well as to the 18 students who read in three times the minimum number of places (30 places or more). 

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Thank you to the amazing library committee and volunteers for all your hard work at the party and all the items you each brought. A huge thank you to Kim Masuck for your tremendous help planning the party; and a special thank you to Kim Neary, Emily Frye, Tracy Reith, Regan Phillips, Natalie Khairallah, Ann Piper, and our librarian Ms. Keli for the details you helped with, and everyone who provided such great raffle prizes. And thank you to Carol Reeves for the ten metal bookmarks you made -- they were beautiful! Finally, a special thank you to all the parents of our summer readers for supporting your kids’ participation in this program -- you’re helping us to create a growing community of summer readers at Arroyo readers which greatly benefits the academic development of our students!