Birthday Book Club

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birthday book label-1.jpg

Birthday Book Club


Signing up your child for the Arroyo Elementary School Library’s Birthday Book Club (BBC) is a great way to honor your son/daughter’s special day and help our library grow! Last year the tremendous turnout added so many new books to our book collection.

Participation in the program involves a $20.00 donation per book (per child). As close to your child’s birthday as possible (or half year for summer birthdays), he/she will choose a new book from our wonderful selection of new, hardcover books that have already been purchased for BBC participants.

Enrollment includes:

  • A special book plate will be placed inside the front cover of the donated book with your child’s name and birthday.

  • A personalized bookmark will be created with a photo of your child.

  • Acknowledgement of child’s participation in BBC in the library.

  • The opportunity to be the first student to check out the donated book from the library.

This is a very special honor and a gift that keeps on giving to all those that use the Arroyo library. 

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